Greg, The only time I must disagree with you is over Governor Ron DeSantis

I am a five-year Florida resident and I have never lived in a more free state. First of all, DeSantis is all about freedom of choice. He allows people (citizens) to make their own decisions and he does not push the vaccine, only the choice to take it or not. Clinically, he also allowed the use of monoclonal antibodies at sites that were set up all over our state with a website that tells patients where to get treatments. Our surgeon general whom the media hates and DeSantis appointed recommended Vitamin D3 to all citizens but especially people of color because they have habitually low levels. We not only don’t have a mask mandate, but he signed legislation that puts heavy fines on schools that require masks. He signed legislation that places heavy fines on any school that teaches critical race theory. Currently, a public school taught critical race theory in Jacksonville and is facing heavy fines. It also allows parents to sue school board members for violating state laws. If you go to online doctors that provide prescriptions for Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine go look at the states that allow it to be filled. You will discover that about 50% of states don’t allow it, so where do they fill it? (They will overnight it to any state) Currently, there is a major Ivermectic study taking place right now, where? FLORIDA! Thousands of Florida patients are enrolled in the University of Florida Ivermectin study. Is your state allowing an Ivermectin study and allowing prescriptions to be filled? I will post the links of the study that the mainstream media isn’t reporting. Please don’t bash Ron DeSantis, he is the real deal and the only possible candidate that could win. I spent most of my life as an ICU Registered Nurse and my wife was an ER registered nurse. We would have quit or been fired before taking the jab. My wife and I have filled prescriptions just in case, and they were filled in Florida, can you fill that prescription in your state? The major payment that hospitals and care centers rely on is Medicare (a federal program). Insurance companies follow the lead of Medicare. The federal government would retaliate almost immediately and withhold payments. Hospitals would close within a month. DeSantis has stated many times the only way we can take our country back is through term limits. The Senators and Representatives that have made politics their job in life hold all the important committees, all the junior elected are put on worthless committees. DeSantis is a family man, a Naval Veteran officer, and has surrounded himself with very smart advisors. He is a Bible-believing Christian and the real deal. If there is a better candidate for President I would like to know who it is. We as Floridians don’t have to go and buy Ivermectin for horses, we can fill it right here. Can you get it filled in your state?

Numerous Florida compounding pharmacies, and one in the small town of Green Cove Springs

RanLar: as a fellow Floridian, I couldn’t agree with you more. If you recall we really dodged a bullet since DeSantis came close to losing to a man, the former Mayor of Tallahassee, who turned out to be a crack addicted male who was found unconscious and naked in a male orgy scene.

Here is a major issue with the hospital protocols

Ed Dowd Twitter Gettr Well, you may be interested in this. A former Black Rock executive, Ed Dowd, on Phizer’s clinical trial. Apparently, he has the receipts… Steve Bannon’s …40% and more all-cause mortality increase in insurance payouts 4th qtr. 2021 YOY. This coincides with Vaccine mandate rollout. Increase is being seen across all companies, as well as a dramatic increase in disability claims. The death/disability rates are not erica Life Exec Dowd Interviews… Steve Bannon’s Warroom (Bannon…Close Trump Advisor) More recent Interview…Says clinical data show more deaths in vaccinated than the unvaccinated. Again, he apparently has the proof. He also says the funeral industry is seeing major increase in business. Thomas Paine Podcast has a Phizer whistleblower who was fired for questioning the clinical trials. I have not listened to it. Randy