Muslims pleased to get American, but say they face big challenges in U.S. society

Muslims leery of Trump

S. Muslim neighborhood has gotten plenty of news coverage, specifically appropriate Trump’s statement throughout the venture which he would look for a a€?total and comprehensive shutdown of Muslims entering the United Statesa€? along with his executive order blocking vacation from six Muslim-majority countries. 2

About three-quarters of Muslim People in america (74percent) state the country’s brand new leader was unfriendly toward her cluster, while two-thirds (65percent) say they disapprove of this ways Trump try managing their job as president. U.S. Muslim thoughts on relaxing president has actually switched considerably since 2011, when Muslims shown more good views of Barack Obama.

In 2007, around the conclusion of his next label, George W. Bush was given acceptance ratings from U.S. Muslims which were about as low as Trump’s today. Participants in this review were not questioned whether they considered plant was friendly toward Muslim People in america.

Into the brand-new study, participants had been asked whether Trump makes them become four feelings a€“ two positive (wish and pleasure) and two adverse (fear and fury). Totally two-thirds of Muslim Us americans (68per cent) say the president means they are become troubled, and 45per cent say he makes them believe crazy. Far fewer say the chairman means they are become optimistic (26percent) or delighted (17per cent).

Muslim People in america become unlikely compared to the public in general to express Trump makes them become optimistic (26percent vs. 40percent) or delighted (17% vs. 30per cent), but when it comes to as likely to state Trump makes them become worried or annoyed.

U.S. Muslims express pride within their spiritual and national identities as well. Completely 97% agree with the statement, a€?I am proud getting Muslim.a€? Nearly as much (92%) state they concur with the declaration, a€?Im pleased are an American.a€? Overall, 89percent trust both statements, claiming these include happy to be Muslim and proud to be United states. Simply 6per cent state they truly are proud to get Muslim rather than pleased is American, and 1% state these are generally satisfied is US and not satisfied is Muslim.

Concurrently, a lot of Muslims say they face many significant difficulties for making her way in United states society. Fully 1 / 2 point out that it’s become harder to be Muslim within the U.S. in recent times, and an added 44percent state the particular problem or easy getting Muslim has never changed really. Just 3% volunteer it is becoming simpler to feel Muslim in America.

The connection between Donald Trump plus the U

Muslims who state it’s become more challenging as Muslim in U.S. nowadays had been expected to explain, in their words, an important reasons behind this. The most widespread responses integrate comments about Muslim extremists in other countries, misconceptions and stereotyping about Islam among the U.S. people, and Trump’s attitudes and plans toward Muslims. (For complete facts, read here.)

The majority of Muslims (60per cent) also see media insurance coverage of Muslims and Islam as unjust, and the same express (62percent) believe the American people as a whole you should never see Islam as part of mainstream American people. These panorama are mostly echoed by U.S. adults on the whole, several of whom concur that news protection of Muslims try unjust and state they really never see Islam within traditional people.

But pressure isn’t the just thing that defines the connection between Muslims therefore the rest of the U.S. population. Six-in-ten U.S. Muslims state they have a lot in common with many People in america. And Muslims are a lot very likely to state the American people, overall, is friendly toward Muslims in the nation (55percent) than to see Us americans overall as unfriendly (14percent). (Three-in-ten say People in the us are often simple toward Muslims.) Also, U.S. Muslims have grown to be somewhat prone to view the United states public as friendly toward them since 2011, when 48percent got this position.